Inspection required for sale of home or commercial certification by Clallam County.

A designer from our company will inspect the septic tank (including inlet and outlet baffles), the pump chamber (including the pump and controls), and the drainfield. Before checking the system we must have access to the 2 or 3 septic tank lids and also know where the drainfield is located. The lids may be buried underground and must be uncovered before we schedule a Sanitary Survey. There may be risers, a minimum of 2 per system, which are ground-level lids that can be accessed at any time and a Sanitary Survey can be scheduled at any time. If the drainfield location is not on-file accurately with Clallam County through an As-Built or previous Sanitary Survey, it must be electronically located. There must be water available through an outside faucet and power if the system requires a control panel. When the Sanitary Survey is complete the designer will write a report indicating the condition of the system and any recommended improvements or repairs for optimum operation. If the septic tank needs to be pumped it will be indicated on the report. This report called a sanitary survey is stamped by a designer and filed with the County Environmental Health Department.

Periodic Inspections required by Clallam County:
Clallam County currently requires inspections of septic systems annually for pressurized systems and every 3 years for gravity or conventional systems. We do perform this service. We can either set it up annually or when you call us. Some systems require an agreement to have their systems inspected.  For existing and new clients, we routinely send a postcard a week prior to inspection to notify you. When the report is complete it will be delivered to Clallam County for their stamp or sent electronically for Clallam County's permanent records. The report will then be sent to you. This Operation and Maintenance Inspection does indicate the condition of the system and any recommended improvements or repairs for optimum operation as well as any need for pumping.


  • To provide the periodic inspections as mandated to protect the groundwater.
  • To identify problems when they are small decreasing the chances of expensive repairs.
  • To keep the system functioning smoothly and worry free.
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