Soil Analysis         

The process to determine what type of system meets the Clallam County Codes at the time of the analysis.

The following steps are needed to get this done:

  • The first thing required is to have a check for $300 made out to Clallam County and this will assure that the county representative is present during the testing. We attach paperwork and a request to the check and submit it to the proper department. This is a requirement for future development.
  • We then schedule a time of the testing with you and/or a representative of yours along with a Clallam County Representative on the property. We will have a licensed designer meet you with our excavator to dig the test holes that are typically 2 feet by 5 feet and ramped for access by the designer and the county representative. We can then determine they type of system your soils will support in that area.
  • Our company will follow up with a report including the soils log, system type best suited to your site and soils. We will include our design fees, county permit fees, and an approximate installation cost. We are not installer so our fees are arrived by canvasing local installers to determine these.

You can always reach us by phone with additional questions.
Office: 360-452-4592

Michael Boardman starting to dig test holes on a property.
Your soil analysis stays on file with Clallam County for 1 year so you must either register the soils or have a design done by then. Once you register the soils it never expires and you may have a septic design in the location of the pits. If you have a design done, it expires 3 years after it is approved.
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